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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Anaheim, CA We at Nova Pest Services offer customized commercial pest control services. Whether you want pest control solutions for a commercial building, store, or educational institution, we are here to help. Our expert pest control team has tackled all types of pest control jobs since the time we started business in 2013.

Our company focuses on customizing solutions for clients and making sure that the services are competitively priced. We work with you to create pest control plans that meet your property’s needs and help to keeps all types of pests at bay. The different kinds of pest control solutions we offer are:

Commercial Pest Control

When you have a commercial property to manage and maintain, you need to do everything possible to keep it clean and pest-free. We offer commercial pest control services for office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels as well as educational institutions, etc. We customize these solutions so that your property is genuinely pest-free and that it stays that way. In addition to our standard pest control services, we also offer green pest control solutions, and that can help you maintain your reputation as an eco-friendly company. We can also design preventive pest control plans that are part and parcel of our Integrated Pest Management approach. Read More About Commercial Pest Control »

Rodent Control

Rodents are a menace. Not only do they create a nuisance on a property, but also cause significant damage to it. They can chew through wood and board, electrical wires and food packets, etc. They defile your property with their feces and urine and can cause the spread of certain diseases as well. If you have noticed the incidence of rats or mice on your property, call us immediately. The sooner we tackle the problem, the easier it is to eliminate them from your property. We customize our services so that you get good value for money, and your specific pest problems are solved effectively. Read More About Rodent Control »

Pest Control Repairs

Many pests like rodents can cause considerable damage to your commercial property and fixing that damage needs expertise. While you can always contact a local handyman or carpenter for the repairs, it is far better to hire a single contractor for pest control and the related repair work. We have skilled technicians in our company that can handle woodwork repairs and can also fix any other damage that pests might have caused on our property. We tailor our services, and you will find that our pest control repairs costs are very affordable and convenient and provide you value for money. Read More About Pest Control Repairs »

Termite Control

We offer high quality and effective termite control solutions to commercial clients across the region. Whether you have noticed hollow wooden boards on your property or have seen mud tunnels on walls, contact us without delay. We are the experts that offer guaranteed termite control solutions to our clients. We use the latest moisture and termite control detection in our work so that the job can be completed accurately, and your property is termite-free as soon as possible. It is necessary to understand that these are incredibly destructive pests, and the infestation must be dealt with within the shortest possible time. Read More About Termite Control »

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs are quite a nuisance and are steady breeders as well. If you have a bedbug infestation on your property, we can provide high-quality pest control solutions that can get rid of the pests within the shortest possible time. In some cases, multiple treatments are needed to eliminate bedbugs from your property entirely. We use low-toxicity chemicals in all our work which helps to ensure that the bedbugs are killed without causing harm to people or pets on the property. We always adopt a customized approach, and you will find that our bedbug control cost is affordable. Read More About Bedbug Control »

When you want comprehensive services, you need look no further than our local pest control company. Our customized solutions and affordable services help to ensure that you can keep your property pest-free very effectively and affordably.

For any more information about our pest control solutions, contact Nova Pest Services at (714) 696-4715. You can also contact us through the Online Form on this page, and we will respond shortly. Our team will visit your property assess the condition and offer reliable pest control solutions.

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