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Bedbug Control

Bedbug Control Anaheim, CA Bed bugs are quite a nuisance. What makes them even more so is that it is not easy to eliminate them from your property once they begin to breed. They are silent, breed at a steady pace and many people do not realize that they have bedbugs on the property unless somebody gets affected by their presence. On commercial properties, it becomes even more difficult as the presence of bedbugs may not be as evident as on residential properties.

However, it is necessary to act as soon as you notice signs of bedbugs and deal with them without delay. As a commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is always pest-free. Any type of pests can affect your professional image and your reputation. This is especially true in the case of businesses in the hospitality industry.

Reliable Local Pest Control Services

If your guests notice the presence of these creatures or any other pests, it can affect your business and profitability. We at Nova Pest Services offer customized commercial bedbug control solutions. These creatures can breed in various places including mattresses, behind curtains, behind wallpaper, under carpets as well as furnishings, which means that before long you can have a widespread infestation in various areas of your property.

Dealing with this kind of problem requires specific knowledge, expertise and the right type of equipment and solutions as well. We offer these expert services to restaurants, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions as well as retail spaces and more.

Bedbug Control - Work Process

Our team of experts will visit your premises, survey the space and inspect every area of your property for signs of bedbugs. They will treat all the areas carefully. Depending on the spread and severity of the infestation, multiple treatments may sometimes be required.

This is because most commercial bed bug control treatments help to get rid of the adult bugs but do not impact the larvae or eggs which could be deep in recesses and crevices in various areas of your property. A follow-up treatment helps to ensure that the next wave of bedbugs is treated, and this can help to get rid of the pests from your property entirely.

Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

  • If you own or manage a hotel, and your guests have complained that they are unable to sleep at night due to the presence of some insects, you should get the mattresses and all other bedding inspected for the presence of bed bugs.

  • Various furnished pieces on the property or mattresses have got black or red spots on it. These spots are either from the feces or blood from bed bugs and a common sign of their existence.

Affordable Bedbug Control

If your staff members, any guests, or customers have noticed the signs of bedbugs, call us without delay, and we will provide you with timely and effective bed bug control solutions. We always use low toxicity chemicals in all our pest control treatments which means that the work is completed safely.

For any more information about our commercial bedbug control solutions, contact Nova Pest Services at (714) 696-4715. You can also contact us through the Online Form on this page, and we will respond shortly. Our team will visit your property to assess the condition and offer reliable pest control solutions.

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